TalkTalk to drop PCs and switch staff to Apple

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TalkTalk to drop PCs and switch staff to Apple

Postby terlga » March 15th, 2010, 12:31 pm

From The Times
March 15, 2010
TalkTalk to drop PCs and switch staff to Apple

As users of Apple's products take them to work, it is putting pressure on companies to switch from their traditional PCs
Britain’s second-largest residential broadband provider is preparing to switch its entire workforce to Apple laptops.

In what is one of the largest deployments of the company’s computers in the business market, TalkTalk has decided to scrap its desktop PCs in the office and equip its staff with MacBook Pro laptops.

It has switched 150 staff at its West London headquarters to the computers as part of a trial and intends to replace about 1,500 desktop computers with the laptops over the next few months. TalkTalk will be demerged from Carphone Warehouse at the end of this month.

Apple has been a minor player in the enterprise market and does not make a priority of selling directly to corporate customers, outside the education and media sectors. Businesses typically have used Apple’s computers in design, software development and marketing departments as its products are considered to be adept at processing graphics and publishing.

TalkTalk talks Harding into taking top job
Apple moves fast to make mobile inroads in China
But with more workers using Apple’s computers at home and downloading business applications and checking e-mails on their iPhones, the pressure on companies to switch to Apple’s products for work purposes is growing. Axel Springer, the German media company, is committed to upgrading 12,000 computers to Apple’s products while Cisco, the internet infrastructure group, allows its users to choose a Mac or a PC.

Ranjit Atwal, an analyst at Gartner, the research company, said that the real driver for busineses to switch to Apple’s products had not come from the company itself. “Users are bringing their own computers and phones into the corporate environment. It’s the consumerisation of IT,” he said.

Gartner estimates that of the 51 million computers sold in the enterprise market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa last year, only 2 per cent were Apple products. However, Mr Atwal said that companies were considering alternatives to traditional providers and whether there could be long-term benefits from switching to Apple’s products. Despite being more expensive to support, Apple’s platform is widely considered to be more stable and could reduce downtime when computers crash.

Apple is thought to be determined to maintain a low-key approach to the enterprise market and, Mr Atwal said, may view any progress as collateral success. The company, which failed in an attempt to crack the business market in the 1990s, has focused its attention on the high-end consumer sector.


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M Merrifield wrote:
"Despite being more expensive to support..." LOL. I agree with Richard Till's comments.

Apple is much cheaper to support. It needs far fewer IT people than PCs do. The IT department would be quite worried about its company switching to Apple. Job losses and ignorance of Macs. I know this from many years working in large PC-based companies.

However, I do recall in the mid 1990s some companies switched from Macs to PCs and I can understand why. Networking on Macs then was *hopeless* - unbelievably slow cf PCs. But that has changed now, and unix-based Apple is far ahead of PCs.
March 15, 2010 12:04 PM GMT
Richard Till wrote:
"Despite being more expensive to support, Apple’s platform is widely considered to be more stable and could reduce downtime when computers crash."

Slightly contradicting statement there... because Apple's platform is widely considered to be more stable and does reduce downtime it is in fact 'less expensive to support' as it needs less tech people to manage - Worried tech support staff may want to introduce the idea that it will cost more to keep themselves in a job but it in general its absolute fluff!
March 15, 2010 10:22 AM GMT
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