APPLE Re-Use scheme.

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APPLE Re-Use scheme.

Postby terlga » November 18th, 2014, 5:02 pm

Apple: Reuse scheme

If you buy an Apple product e.g. an iPad, an iPhone, there are a number of different recycling schemes that will offer you cash for your old or unwanted device.

Recently, I used both the O2 recycling scheme and the Apple recycling scheme within 2 weeks of each other.

The best price depends on the model.

· For the iPhone 4S, I found that O2 was best.
· For the iPhone5, Apple were best.

It is noted that O2 do a price match guarantee, but as I didn’t use it, I cannot comment.

My O2 experience was good. They sent me a box to pack it into and I paid for the parcel to be signed for at the other end. The money was in my account within a few days.

My Apple experience was by contrast, rubbish.

I sent my iPhone to a “hub” in the UK. 2 weeks later, I started chasing them because Apple reuse web site actually said it hadn’t been received! I had proof of delivery.

Almost 5 weeks on, I have received an email that the phone has arrived at the recycling centre in Germany and given them my account details for the refund. It is undergoing testing and there is no sign of the refund yet.

In summary, don’t use Apple recycling, use O2 as it’s efficient and stress free.

Source of recommendation: Nigel Barry 18/11/2014
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