Create your own free ringtones for your iphone....

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Create your own free ringtones for your iphone....

Postby timhudson1 » September 14th, 2010, 10:28 pm

Hi Everyone...

Here's a tip i picked up after getting my iphone 4 to save money buying ringtones every time from the itunes store. It's perfectly legal and works in harmony with your mac which when sync'd with your iphone gives you any ringtone you wish from your tunes library currently stored on your computer with full editing functions...

Interested...? Then follow these steps:-

>Open garage band on your imac, macbook, macbook pro etc..
>Select iPhone ringtone then "voice".
>Click Choose.
>A new window will appear "new project from template".
>Before you click create edit the save as to whatever song / music clip you wish to use as the ringtone.
>Garage band now opens with two editing options on the left hand side, male basic / female basic.
>On the bottom right hand side of the garage band window will be a tab to view or hide the media browser, in this case view.
>Select your song to be used as the ringtone from the list then simply drag and drop it into the male or female basic editing section.
>Now you can split the track to get the ringtone to start in the middle / wherever you like and end at the 20 second point as with a standard ringtone.
>When you are done simply click "share" send ringtone to itunes.....
>Thats it......when you next sync your iPhone with your mac the ringtone updates...

All done and best of all its free.... :lol:

I hope you manage to follow my instructions and get it to work...

Please let me know if you have success...

Best regards
Tim..... :mrgreen:
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