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Running a vm on the mac

PostPosted: April 1st, 2010, 8:13 am
by bizziebakson
I have a 17" MBP with intel. I have used Serif DTP software for many years and for that reason use Paralells v 4. I installed a Canon Pixma iP4600 in February. In order to preview my DTP work in Serif I have installed HP Laser Jet8500 driver. In Control Panel on the Windows side The Laserjet is shown as the default printer. When I want to print the same HP Laser Jet Dialog box appears. This confuses me, as the Canon is not shown and I am not certain of the parameters I select for printing relate to the HP or the Canon?

Has anybody experience of printing with Paralells. I have printed a folded publication with two graphics but it is printing off centre. Canon don't accept responsibility for the problem, so I'm wondering if it is anything to do Parallels? I downloaded a diagnostic tool via Canon but it does not recognise the Canon.

Any ideas?