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Postby techietim » December 24th, 2005, 1:33 am

People with PC's do the weirdest things to make them feel like they have a special computer.

Has no-one suggested to buy a Mac???

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Re: Computer Case Mods

Postby lewisjbrock » June 11th, 2009, 9:08 am

some people don't appreciate the quality and attraction of the mac. my old blue and white machine I am using feels really amazing. I love the feel of it and the way I can upgrade it without sighted assistance or losing my mind. PC's however have poorly designed cases and mounts making drives difficult if not impossible to install without stripping the machine bare.

I did a case modification on a beige G3 minitower which was something I found in a store room from a company closure when the site owner knew me and asked me to come and help him with a clear out. there were tons of mac parts, mac base units, a server and other great bits and bobs as well s PC's etc. so we came to an arrangement. after a good clearout of rubbish, this guy took the PC's for his company and restored and upgraded or sold machines he didn't need, put them to one side for him to collect later. he said to me. the macs are yours. so he loaded all the macs and parts, cables and other gear into the back of his van and gave me a lift home. all these went into my small workshop to be cleaned, wiped and rebuilt. 5 needed replacement drives due to their age etc. but the g3 minitower had a makeover. I wanted for some daft reason to spray the G3 case in black. so the casing was stripped for safety to protect the hardware. after a respray etc, the system became a custom mac. upgraded hardware including graphics, drives and more. got a few quid for the systems which helped raise money for a specialist speaking phone for the blind. for a blind guy it's necessary.

the only mac I have is my G3 blue and white. I'd love to get my hands on some older macs to re do and spend time on. at the moment though my priority is finding a replacement apple laptop to my powerbook G4 which was stolen a long while ago


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