Aperture Library Full?

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Aperture Library Full?

Postby welshgold » August 28th, 2009, 8:47 am

Just had this message come up, for the nth time - "Please create more disk space on “My Book”. If you do not create free space on “My Book”, your Aperture library may be damaged."
Does this mean my Aperture library is full of images? if so how do I 'create free space' on my 'My Book' s external hard drive,

Mac Hard Drive - 68GB Used , 228GB Available
My Book - (where I'd prefer to keep my images) 210GB Used , 255GB Available

So, enough spare space in either drive so can't understand why I had that message
Aperture says it's size is 300.5mb (mostly images I suppose)
and Aperture Library has 27.72GB !!!??
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