My thoughts on internal disk upgrade

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My thoughts on internal disk upgrade

Postby strangetruther » May 20th, 2009, 3:15 pm

I’ve been trying to decide which 320GB 7200rpm internal (2.5”) hard disk to install (white Macbook). Many of you will know about these drives already but maybe some won’t.

“Tom’s Hardware” did a fairly extensive survey... ... ,2006.html

...of three 320GB drives:

Hitachi Travelstar 7K320
Seagate Momentus 7200.3 ST9320421AS
Western Digital Scorpio (“Black”) WD3200BEKT. (WD “blue” drives are 5400rpm.)
...and also added in the Samsung Spinpoint MP2 HM251JJ, which is only 250GB.

Seagate (ST9320421ASG) and WD (WD3200BJKT) both sell slightly more expensive versions of their drive that whip the arm away from the disk surface if they detect a change of 1G - which Apple laptops do anyway. Having the computer’s and the disk’s systems working together can cause problems. (The 250GB Samsung tested *had* the protection. The version without is the HM250JJ.) (Turn your Macbook into a seismograph with Seismac!)

From “Tom’s” review, the WD comes across as rather sophisticated and very fast for random accessing - I think it has fast arm speed - even though WD is a relatively recent entrant to laptop drives. It’s fastest on a number of tests, and it’s the most energy efficient for DVD file playback off the hard drive. It’s also a bit lighter than some. But I’m not convinced it’s as quiet or vibration-free as some, though some customers say it’s all right.

Most investigators using multiple benchmark tests prefer the WD but the Seagate is “Tom’s” favourite (though not of course, Sir Alan’s!) - often very fast, particularly for sequential stuff, but also scores well on efficiency - particularly if it will not be thrashed on the battery but just used for something like reading and a little light editing, as with me. Seagates tend to be a bit cheaper too.

The other two, frankly, are seldom anyone’s favourite on the internet though they are fine in themselves, but the Hitachi scores very well on Windows startup, which may be important to you, and might transfer to other startup ops, I don’t know. It’s also very efficient while idling.

So why then did I go for the Fujitsu MHZ2320BJ ?!

Mainly, because my Macbook came with an 80GB Fujitsu and it’s given 2.5 years faultless service. Also, it was quoted by one source as being the fastest 320GB 7200rpm drive they’d tested - though no-one’s ever seen the write-up of that test. Also it has the perhaps dubious quality of having an even better Windows startup performance than the Hitachi: ... ks,25.html

Finally, the NewEgg customer reviews give it a higher overall score than the WD or Seagate. Those reviews also suggested to me it was relatively quiet and vibration-free - and reliable. Fujitsu drives may be under-valued because of bad press in the past due to poor coatings that were a supplier’s fault. Fujitsu is said to be selling its drive manufacturing side to Toshiba. (Incidentally, all the main manufacturers make the platters for the drives in the same factory in Thailand.)



Re: My thoughts on internal disk upgrade

Postby lewisjbrock » June 10th, 2009, 11:15 am


sorry I just red your message with voiceover. It's not recommended that 7200rpm drives are installed into the white macbooks. this is due to overheating and the support of the heatsync. It's doable but not something I recommend.


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