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Postby Richard » September 23rd, 2006, 10:37 am

I think no one has posted their capabilities on the forum for employment because they don't want to be the first to do so! I don't wish to push anyone to post there but if anyone is looking for work related to the Mac or is looking for people to help them out this is the place to do so...go on, it can't hurt!

Re Music:

I find it interesting to see what different people use iTunes for...it seems many people only consider it for MP3's or online downloads (or other less noble exchanges) but for myself I find the program a brilliant way to have all my physical music in one location and available to take with me on an iPod for when I travel without any bulk. I do like the physical presence of a CD Jewel case or album cover with liner notes and art but along the lines of having the cake and eating it too mentality...I tend to buy the physical item in a store and then burn it to iTunes at a respective bit rate to the type of music it is and then add photos or scans of the artwork and notes for viewing in iTunes or the iPod...with the lossless codec or even using variable bit rates and high bit rates there is really not much one loses in quality when listening to music on good headphones or a decent pair of speakers attached to the computer (at least not with increasing age in my case!)

I tend to find that I listen to more of my music when i have it in iTunes as using Shuffle mode or just browsing the covers now provides me with some good music that I forgot I had collected over the years...

my .02

Re new Macs:

the new Mac Pro's will surely be real screamers in terms of performance with the ability to swap processors easily (you can even switch the current processors to new quad core Intel models now with full support <granted at extreme prices still>) and also max out RAM to a boggling 16 GB...I think it would be something to have a small iTunes collection that never leaves RAM! anyway the new Macs are decent enough and look to keep Apple going in a positive direction as long as the software remains very user friendly.


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